Posted by: pow | January 20, 2009

Add-ons I use with Browsers (FF & IE). Part I

Two very important add-ons I use when creating or updating web pages are:

  • WebDeveloper – for Firefox . Web developer is very handy and useful, when you create web sites or just pages and need to verify it – menu and a toolbar is for you. When I found it, I add it on every computer immediately đŸ™‚Â  Some functions:
    • links to validate  current page’s CSS, HTML, WAI and etc. ( also possibility to add your tool/link for pages validation).
    • view css, form, image, table and other important information.

Top my 5 most used functions:

    1. CSS, HTML, WAI validation
    2. View style information –  click on a page element and style information is displayed in additional frame!
    3. Display form details
    4. Outline Tables> Table Cells
    5. Disable Javascript, CSS styles, Images
  • Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar – similar add-on for Internet Explorer.  As ussualy I prefer Firefox, so not very go into this tool, but looks like,  it has less built in functions, but you can choose elements which you want to outline (Find>Select Element by Click) which I like also :).

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