Posted by: pow | May 3, 2010

Again using (X)Ubuntu

Last week, a new version of Ubuntu was published. A lot of people were waiting for it – me too. It’s name is Lucid Lynx and previous version was called Karmic Koala.

It looks like a story is with happy ending. Well, for me it’s not very. I spend  a few evenings trying to understand why my old /etc/fstab was not working and finally made a real mistake in it and was unable even edit it. Sad, but true. And why am I writing? I just remembered my blog where I wanted to put useful information for future 🙂 Why blog? Its a better place than a simple notebook – you can access it from anywhere, where the internet is available.  So, this time I wanted to put a few commands, which I think will be useful soon…

As follows, after unsuccessful upgrade I decided to try a new version of Xubuntu. Unfortunately, it was not working too and I decided to take a previous version – 9.10. Finally, installation was successful and I was able to login. Configuration didn’t take too much time, as I had just enter my wireless password. So, when I have internet I need some space. Unfortunately, NTFS is not mounted and I can’t find any program to do it. Again, I search for ubuntu mount ntfs and get results:

sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g
sudo mkdir /windows
sudo mousepad /etc/fstab

In Ubuntu, if you want to edit a file, you can write sudo gedit /etc/fstab. So, when it is open, we have to put:

/dev/sda2  /windows  ntfs-3g    defaults,noatime,rw 0  0

after restart /dev/sda2 will be mounted in /windows directory. We must know which partitions we have and where to mount. To find out our partitinions in Terminal(ALT+F2) we write sudo fdisk -l. As we can see in a picture below, I have lots of partitions… 🙂

For example, if we want to mount manually /dev/sda9, we should login in Terminal(ALT+F2) as root: just type SUDO SU and enter your root password. When we successfully entered information, we can try to mount our partition. Firstly, we must create a directory: mkdir /windows2. Secondly, we write the command: mount -t ntfs /dev/sda9 /windows2. I don’t suggest you mount them manually, better edit /etc/fstab and forget – just make a backup first! More information about mounting partitions can be found here.



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