Posted by: pow | May 4, 2010

Xubuntu first day

Xubuntu logo slogan

Xubuntu logo

As mentioned yesterday, I installed an older version of Xubuntu instead of Ubuntu.  Firstly, I launched Firefox, Pidgin – internet messaging client, which is easy to configure, updated Xubuntu(not upgraded), downloaded Skype and tried to mount my partitinions.

After update and restart  top and bottom menu bars disappeared. Fun. Even right mouse click not working. Fortunately, Firefox is running from previous session and I can Google. The solution for the problem – ALT+F2, choose  in Terminal and in command line enter xfce4-panel &.

Now we can  use Synaptic Package Manager to add  more software we need. It can be found in Applications > System > Synaptic Package Manager. For example, we type wine in quick search input box, select appropriate package, mark for installation and when all packages we need are selected we can touch Apply and install them.



  1. […] Still using and happy. And happier because I already blogged one very important shortcut in my previous post The shortcut which I needed again was ALT+F2 which shows command line(like in windows) where I can […]

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