Posted by: pow | May 7, 2010

Using Xubuntu 2-5 day

Still using and happy. And happier because I already blogged one very important shortcut in my previous post 🙂 The shortcut which I needed again was ALT+F2 which shows command line(like in windows) where I can enter a command which we can execute. That line was xfce4-panel & as my panels disappeared again. Lucky me.

Secondly, I find out that  there is a button with arrow looking up on right on every page near minimize, close, which minimizes the window and shows only the title of the page.

Exaile picture, from

Started to listen to radio  and found a nice player, which was already installed,- Exaile. My computer is not freezing anymore like it used to do in WinXP+Winamp. Nice! If you want to listen to radio and get an error, that you need to install decoder then try fluendo or gstreamer depending which file formats you want to listen. You can add those plugins with Synaptic Package Manager by entering the name of plugin.

One more thing – if you want to save your session, keep windows open, when shutting down or restarting tick on Save session for future logins on Quit screen below all choices. It is very useful when you want to turn of your computer and next time run all your  applications from previous session – don’t manually load them again.


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