Posted by: pow | June 30, 2010

Finally, using Xubuntu 10.04 :)

See the word finally? Yeah, right. Had lots of problems to get 10.04 version working. I tried to upgrade my Ubuntu and decided to wait and use Xubuntu. Yes, wait. I waited more than month and tried again, pour me. After upgrade there were no GRUB at all – only GRUB > RESCUE command line. You can read more about that command line here. Unfortunately, it didn’t helped me. I also knew that there is always a way to use a Live CD to repair. Well, but if my CD-ROM is not working? Try a booting from a USB key. You’ll need a UNetbootin program which is available for Windows and Linux.  It is quite easy to create a bootable USB. Again, it won’t worked for me – probably my computer is too old and don’t know about USB booting… Finally, in Ubuntu forum got a suggestion to try boot from network!!! Hopefully, I had a router, a few cables and one more computer. So, I followed the instructions and again had Ubuntu 9.10. If you get errors, that file not found, check the location in the Current directory and Boot file fields.

TFTP screenshot

TFTP screenshot

So, there are four ways to try to repair your computer:

  1. GRUB rescue command line;
  2. Live CD;
  3. UNetbootin with USB;
  4. boot from LAN;

Good luck!

P.S. I already tried booting from LAN twice – NICE!


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